Personal Training

…that caters to YOUR physical requirements.

Days & Times available:

Mon 9am, 10am, 11am,
Wed 9am, 10am, 11am,
Fri   10am, 11am

Personal Training is available as a One-on-one (single) private session, as a Duet (2 person) session and small groups of 4.

At Core-Fit a wide range of exercise equipment is utilized to maximize the body’s ability to perform. Free weights, Bosu’s, Resistance Training equipment, Suspension Training equipment, Pilate equipment, free form exercises all bring different challenges to the body. Each individual will use different equipment with different exercises that specifically target the needs of the client.

Every individual has a unique skeletal and muscular system that is meant to be used proficiently. Repetitive movements and poor posture can change how the body’s muscular system responds and can cause dysfunction, which leads to issues of performance later. This can cause a wide variety of syptoms. Correcting these issues for each individual is important.

Body awareness and comprehension of each individual is important for correcting and improving the overall strength of the client. Catering to the needs of each client is imperative for achieving your goals.

Core-Fit specializes in:

  • Correcting muscle imbalances that cause the bone structure to work improperly.
  • Building deep muscular support around the joints, spine and pelvis for maximal stability.
  • Developing maximal control and movement with precision and stability.
  • Toning and defining muscles without adding bulk.
  • Strength training to increase muscle size where you are weak.
  • Restoring the natural curvature to the spine and correcting bad postural habits.
  • Correcting muscle imbalances that effect the bone structure of each individual
  • Recruiting the deepest core muscles for stabilization and symmetry.
  • Spinal care (Scoliosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Sciatica, Stenosis….etc..)
  • Post-Rehab (post-surgical & post-injury).
  • Training in privacy and with special requirements.
  • An education for personal body awareness.
  • Improving balance.
  • Improving flexibility.
  • Lengthening tight connective tissue.
  • Improving sport specific performance (Golf, Skiing, Skating….)

Strength Training involves more than just big muscles. The body works in many ways requiring strength, when the muscles are shortening (concentrically), when the muscles are lengthening (eccentrically), to hold a position while weight load changes (isotonic) and to hold a position while the weight load remains consistant (isometric).

Whether you are lifting dumbells, utilizing gym equipment, your own body resistance, Pilate Reformer or Springboard, kettlebells, performing plyometrics, and even Yoga, stabilization of the core has to be established to achieve the optimal goal for strength training. Utilizing the deep core muscles to stabilize the spine, pelvis, scapula and hips, prevents injuries, ensures the proper recruitment of the correct muscle(s) for the action needed, and trains the body to work as the finely tuned-highly efficient system it was intended to be.

Monday mornings at 8:30am and Friday mornings at 9:30am inside Hamburg Fitness Center & Camp, Sue teaches an instructional class on using weights, helps you understand the important basic principles of weight training, how to feel when you are working in correct form and posture and learn modifications for your individual needs. If you are uncomfortable in a gym setting and want some privacy, Personal Training is available inside Core-Fit Studio.

Initial assesment & Session (approx. 90 MINUTES)  $85.00

 Reserved Single Personal Training session (55 minutes)  $70.00

 Reserved Single Personal Training session pkg. of 12 sessions (each 55 minutes) $756.00

 Reserved Single Personal Training session pkg. of 6 sessions (each 55 minutes) $420.00

 Reserved Duet (2 person) Personal Training session (55 minutes) $45.00 (each person)

 Reserved Duet (2 person) Personal Training session pkg. of 12 session (each 55 min) $486.00 (each person)

 Reserved Duet (2 person) Personal Training session pkg. of 6 sessions (each 55 minutes) $270.00 (each person)

** All Personal Training Packages paid for in Advance and for 3 months or more recieve a 10% discount.


 Walk-in Single session upon availability (55 minutes)  $75.

 Walk-in Duet (2 persons) Personal Training session upon availability (55 minutes) $50.00 (each person)


 Fall  SPECIAL!!!…..

     3 Single Personal Training sessions for $195.00 . 

  **After the initial consultation/session, the next 3 sessions for $195.00 must be used by December 21, 2014.

The times available are on Mondays 10 am or 2pm, Tuesdays 9am, Thursdays 8am, Fridays 1pm, or 2pm . All sessions are 55 minutes long. New clients only.**



True Core Strengthening

True core strengthening is achieved through breath control. It is the use of the breath in the lowest portion of the lungs that, an efficient exchange of gases occur. On average a total tidal volume of air is equivalent to 17 oz of breath exchange, but that total can increase to a maximum of about 70 ounces of air exchange. Expanding the lungs to increase the volume of oxygen for exchange enlarges the rib cage. Each rib is attached to a vertebra, so when the ribs expand, the vertebrae separate, stretching the Multifidi muscles that are attached to each vertebra. Multifidus muscles from one vertebrae attach to the vertebrae directly above and as many as 5 vertebrae higher than its origin. The Multifidus muscles are the TRUE stabilizers of the spine. Their job is to keep the vertebra aligned in its natural curvature state, to stabilize them as the body flexes, extends and rotates. True core strengthening is to ensure these vertebrae return to their natural state and stay within limitations while movement occurs. Without correct breathing principles that encourage the Multifidus muscles to respond, core training is NOT achieved.

Pelvic floor muscles (PFM) are also key muscles for true core strengthening, used in stabilizing the pelvis. The pelvis is shaped like a bowl that has a muscular lining for multi-purposes. The PFM are crucial to keeping the bladder suspended, the organs of the pelvis secure, and maintaining stabilization of the 2 sides of the pelvis together.

The abdominal muscle group, are to stabilize the rib cage to the pelvis. They also are meant to create flexion and rotation of the rib cage. The abdominal muscles cannot achieve their truest, deepest contraction if the pelvis moves. Stabilization of the pelvis must occur for the abdominal muscles to contract deeply and bring the rib cage forward or to rotate. The abdominal muscle group has 4 different layers for multiple purposes and multi-planar movements. They are from the superficial (top) layer to the deepest layer.

The Transversus Abdominis wrap around the body from the back to the front. They attach (insert) to the spinal vertebrae at the back of the body as well as at the pelvis (Iliac crest) and the bottom ribs. The wrap like a cincher belt to the sides and attach to the front of the body at the rib cage opening edge all the way up to the sternum tip and to the (Iliac crest) of the pelvis and the pubic bone (like a giant diamond belt buckle in the front of the body). The Transverse Abdominal is the deepest and most crucial of the abdominal group that strengthens the core and stabilizes the rib cage to the pelvis.

Stabilizing the last 5 Lumbar vertebrae while action occurs in the upper vertebrae ensures stabilization of the spine and pelvis when performing flexion, extension and rotational movements.