Sue Stevenson
B.S. Exercise Science & Kinesiology
Master Personal Trainer, Pilates, Post Rehab

Corrective Rehabilitation Training (CRT) is committed to providing expert care and education designed to restore optimal function to the body.
CRT is a comprehensive full-body approach to rehabilitative care in 4 different programs:

  1. Core Foundation Training
  2. Back Care Program
  3. Joint Rehabilitation
  4. Maintenance & Prevention

These programs progress the client after physical therapy, chiropractic care, or current baseline using basic to advanced exercises that improve strength, mobility and stabilization.
CRT specialist will evaluate body mechanics, identify dysfunctional movement patterns, and educate each client to recognize and address early symptoms to pre-empt re-injury.
Clients experience improved function, reduce or eliminate pain. The clients progress from CRT into our Maintenance & Prevention program for long lasting results.